Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I would like to add some comments about “change”. Changes occur all around us everywhere every day and typically improve our lifestyle. All one has to do is just look around at any given product from A to Z and chances are, they were created and are typically improved upon in order to make our lifestyle better. Otherwise we would still be in the" stone age" and living in caves.

A particular example of change would be the subject at hand. The “art” of (for the lack of better words) going to the bathroom or relieving one’s self.

Long before the creation of the toilet as we know it today, one would simply visit “mother nature” and do their business. Soon it was realized that digging a hole was a better way to do this for safety and sanitary reasons. I’m sure this was met with some opposition, why go through all that trouble? Fortunately change prevailed and a better way was created. A designated spot was created.

Eventually someone got creative and built a cover over the hole thus creating the outhouse. This was again change to the “art” of relief. I’m sure it too, was met with some resistance as well. Why go through all that trouble and expense to dig a hole then build a room over it. Again Change prevailed and a better way was created. It was now also a bit more comfortable and private to practice our "art” of relief.

Then the first toilet was introduced and the "art” of relief was brought into the home. Again, I am sure it was met with some resistance as well. The idea of bringing the “art"of relief into the house. The expense of it. All those holes and leaking pipes. Thank goodness change once again prevailed and we now have the luxury of an indoor, private and sanitized way to practice the “art” of going to the bathroom for some relief.

During the past decades the toilet has been in our lives, and changes have been made. Toilets now have less stoppage, better flushing, are more water conservative and even comfort changes. Even these subtle changes were probably met with some resistance, as well. Not enough water, now I have to flush it twice.

Again change is being introduced. This time in the form of odor removal at the source and overflow protection features to again improve on the product. And naturally, it too will be met with some resistance. But fortunately for the majority of us, change will prevail again soon as seen with the introduction of odorless toilets such as the Ventex and the V.I.P.

I hope to one day have the opportunity to see my product available as well, the Odorless and Overflow-less Toilet System, simply a "Better Toilet".

Ronald F. Pickle


Monday, September 29, 2008

Odorless and Overflow-less Toilet

Hello, My name is Ronald F. Pickle, private inventor of the Odorless and Overflow-less Toilet System. My non-provisional utility patent pending status allows me to introduce this affordable system to the market.

This system is virtually maintenance free and controls odors and overflows at their source, the toilet and urinal. Imagine never again having to smell obnoxious odors in your home or out in public. Also imagine a toilet that controls overflows in the event of stoppage, thus eliminating messy cleanups and costly repairs, especially in multi floor units. My system does exactly that. I have proven its effectiveness through a working prototype and it functions flawlessly.

I am patiently awaiting approval from the USPTO and upon approval I will continue my efforts to bring this system to market and make it available to you. Thanks, in due time, there will be a “Better Toilet” available to the public.

Ronald F.Pickle