Monday, September 29, 2008

Odorless and Overflow-less Toilet

Hello, My name is Ronald F. Pickle, private inventor of the Odorless and Overflow-less Toilet System. My non-provisional utility patent pending status allows me to introduce this affordable system to the market.

This system is virtually maintenance free and controls odors and overflows at their source, the toilet and urinal. Imagine never again having to smell obnoxious odors in your home or out in public. Also imagine a toilet that controls overflows in the event of stoppage, thus eliminating messy cleanups and costly repairs, especially in multi floor units. My system does exactly that. I have proven its effectiveness through a working prototype and it functions flawlessly.

I am patiently awaiting approval from the USPTO and upon approval I will continue my efforts to bring this system to market and make it available to you. Thanks, in due time, there will be a “Better Toilet” available to the public.

Ronald F.Pickle


abacus said...

Good idea,Ron.I'll be keeping my eye open for it.The sooner the better.Good luck with it.

Adam Clifford[N.Ire]

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your innovation! Someone should have thought of this a long time ago. I'll be looking for it at Home Depot!

Anonymous said...

Our school is using toilets with a secondary drain system to help protect agaist toilet overflows,they work great!! No more overflows in our dorms YEEAAA!!!!!!!!!!
The toilet is called Penguin

University of Indiana