Saturday, October 4, 2008

Another Perspective

Recently someone asked me if my toilet was “green” as in environmental friendly. I replied yes because it would reduce the chemicals needed to cover up odors. They said that they meant in the way of water conservation.

It occurred to me then, that we do not always understand the questions (such as in my case), comments or even the concepts (such as in their case).

So I felt it necessary to make some additional comments to help others better understand my idea. I am not inventing the toilet I am re-inventing the toilet with improved features.

In today’s market, there are a vast variety of toilets available through fine companies such as American Standard Brands, Kohler and Toto just to name a few. They all offer their versions of “super flushing”, “conservative”, “tank style" or "flush valve”, “style and color” and so forth. These are features that can be individually used in their standard models or combined in their premium toilet.

I am not trying to improve on any of these features. I am introducing two more features that can be added to any of their toilets, whether it is an affordable standard model or their top of the line model. Imagine a Super flushing, water conservative premium toilet that is now odorless and overflow-less.

I am hoping that a toilet manufacturing company, even an investment group or individual looking to get into the market, will find interest in my innovation, to give them a competitive edge.

Not “inventing” the toilet/urinal, just”re-inventing” a “Better Toilet”.

Ronald F. Pickle

Inventor of the:
Odorless and Overflow-less Toilet Systems,
simply a "Better Toilet".

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